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Whistler in early May?


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My dad has hatched a plan of heading to Whistler the weekend of May 1st and I'm wondering if it's worth my student time and/or money to join him.

What is it like at Whistler that late in the season? I suspect it can be hit or miss for conditions, both in terms of snow and skies. Can anyone tell me what the conditions are like now and if they are likely to get better or worse? (ie. has it been a warm or cold spring and how does that affect everything)



ps. his backup plan is to Colorado, so if this comes out negative I'll be back for information about there!

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Guest AlpentalRider

I just went to Whistler last month and coverage was excellent. The base was at 85 inches when I went, and now it's at 83, so I'm guessing coverage will remain good for a while. Especially since they keep getting cold fronts coming into the area.

I'll be going there again the last week in April (for the TELUS festival), so I'll update you on the conditions then.

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Expect ice/hard pack in am with some squirrelly grooming due to the soft afternoon slush, apparently makes grooming a bit tough.

softening to slush by 1100.

bring a second board that is slush capable for the afternoon.

By may probable download from top of round house to get back to village.

Blackcomb side shuts end april.

Mtn bike park opens May 01.


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Guest AlpentalRider

Just got back from Whistler yesterday and the conditions were great! Snow coverage starts at midstation on the whistler gondola and is excellent on the top part of the mountain. I was lucky enough to go up when they got 3 inches of new the night before, and because no one was really up there, I was able to carve fresh tracks all along the Harmony Ridge bowls and Peak Chair.

Man, I can't believe the conditions were so good for me so late in the season! I ended up riding my Johan with softboots after 2 runs because of all the untouched fluff in the bowls.

It does get slushy on the middle third of the mountain, but if you stay on the Peak and Harmony Chairs, you should have no problems with that.

I'm pretty sure that a high pressure system is over whistler now, so I don't think you'll get as lucky as me and get fresh snow, so expect hard-pack. Which should be perfect for your hardboot setup anyways.

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