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Lake Superior Performance Rally


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Just spent the weekend at the rally as a cameraman for a little outfit called Dark Pony Productions. Despite a few setbacks I'd say it was a pretty successful weekend. Unfortunately 3 stages were canceled. One because of an accident that needed the medical team. The driver got out and was ok, but the co-driver didn't. The medics got there and got him out with some broken bones and lacerations, but it's looking like he'll be ok.

Anyway, the point this post is to shamelessly plug the video of the 2006 LSPR that we released. We sold quite a few at the rally and we're happy about that, but we still have more. Feedback seemed pretty good about it. It's narrarated by driver Dennis Martin and there are features such as "Co-Driver 101" where Dennis explains the co-driver's job and how he does it. It's a really neat video and it's the first rally video that we've actually been able to produce and sell in quantity (as opposed to custom, one-off stuff). Check out www.darkponyproductions.com. The website probably hasn't quite been updated for a bit and I'm not sure if it'll reflect the fact that we have the video out, but if you want a copy of it there is an email address to contact for orders, just tell them you'd like the 2006 LSPR video. Thanks

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