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Wax Clinic at Whaleback

Chris Karol

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Whaleback Mountain and the Upper Valley Ski & Snowboard Association will be hosting a Wax Clinic by Dominator Wax on Sunday October 28th at 7 PM in the Whaleback Lodge.

Dr. Thanos Karydas, chemist and mastermind behind the DOMINATOR Wax Company, and Tom Reinerth US Distributor and Serviceman will hold a seminar focused on the latest advances in Ski and Snowboard wax technology.

DOMINATOR Waxes will be featured, however wax theory and application methods will help everyone to better understand, and better use, waxes from any wax company.

Learn about simple systems like the New MOMENTIUM no-iron Competition Waxes or the brain dead simplicity of the RaceZoom/Bullet System; and learn why, if you mix your own formulas, antistatic additives have become a more and more important component in the reduction of friction between the snow and the ski or snowboard base. At times, even more important than the fluoro additives.

The Whaleback Pub will open at 6 PM that evening with pizza and snacks available for the event.

Please feel free to forward this information to other members of your associations who might be interested in attending and contact Whaleback 603-448-1489 for further information or contact Dominator CEO Tom Reinerth directly at 801-791-7016.

Thank you

Ken Benner

Upper Valley Ski & Snowboard Association

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