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Killington ticket discount is no more


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I recieved this email from the SKi Club I belong to. The person who forwarded it recieved it as part of an email from a state ski council Rep.


RE: Killington, the estimate could have been a result of a number of things. First, they probably just took last year's price and increased it by $2 since pretty much every other mountain in the area went up by $2. The bottom line is that Killington never mentioned prices to anyone - NJ, MetNY, CT, Eastern PA. There were NO details given to anyone. And when they came out with the final position last week to abolish the bulk ticket program, they gave the same message to everyone.

I have spoken to original Killington people as well as new management several times, and they do not believe in discounted tickets. I had a lengthy conversation with one of the new sales managers there, and he told me the following:

Killington intends to "thin out" the large crowds. They don't want any more 20,000 days because they think it is an awful experience. They want the mountain to be more exclusive for the people that are willing to pay for it.

They want to shift people over to ticket methods for which they can better estimate attendance on any given day. For example, there is currently virtually no activity in the group sales office. They want to switch people over to groups so that they know who is coming and also to coordinate lodging. They also want people to invest in season's passes (for which the uptake has been extremely good for them already this year). Of course there will always be transient activity, but they don't want every day to be a crapshoot. Bulk tickets don't give them any transparency on potential attendance.

The new management just doesn't believe in discounted tickets. They don't see the need for it. They think they're doing just fine with their season's passes and full price tickets, and people that stop going to Killington because there is no discount are helping fulfill the original objective mentioned above.

Thank you for the offer to help, Susan, but there is nothing that anyone can do. The decision is final, and it will be sent out in writing this week. There will be NO special discount for any Councils - not via bulk ticket, via standing discount, anything. If people want a discount, they'll need to look into ME tickets and season's passes.

Killington and Pico tickets will be exchanged 1-for-1 with no upgrade fee, and those tickets must be used this year. There will be no returns at the end of the season. After this year, bulk tickets will be no more

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"Killington intends to "thin out" the large crowds. They don't want any more 20,000 days because they think it is an awful experience."

Frankly, they aren't wrong....it IS an awful experience. ASC was famous for selling massive numbers of cheap tickets to pack the mountain and couldn't have cared less what effect that policy had on the quality of the experience.

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