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1999 Rad Air Tanker, 183 cm

Guest kimchijajonshim

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Guest kimchijajonshim

I picked this up a few months ago and intended to use it as a pow board. I realized that I don't get nearly enough freshie pow days to justify having a beast of a board like this, so I bought something a bit more versatile (a Burton Malolo).

I don't know much about this board never having ridden it, but I e-mailed someone at Rad-Air and he told me that it's very different from the current iterations of the Tanker. It has a fairly wide waist (I'd estimate around 254, midwide-ish, though I haven't taken a tape measure to it or anything), so it's not really meant for hardbooting it.

The board's in great condition, though there is some top sheet chipping (and a stomp pad, if you care about that sort of thing). It has had two previous owners. The guy I bought it from used it twice over the course of about four years. This guy was also a surfer who believed snowboarding was like surfing, where you start long and work your way down (needless to say, he didn't like boarding very much).

Not sure about usage from the guy before that, but I think he gave it at least a slight tune before selling it off... the base is in immaculate condition and the edges are still sharp and free of noticeable burrs.

Anyway, make me an offer on it. If I don't get any palatable offer I'll probably just ride it once or twice out of curiousity or give it to a friend. I live in the Bay Area (South East-ish Bay, in Fremont, CA) and would prefer pick-up, but will ship if necessary (buyer pays shipping).

E-mail any offers or requests for better pics to dchu101@gmail.com


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Thanks David, super job of packaging and keeping me up to date. Cool color way I had not seen , classic surf style. Much appreciated! Bryan

PS, I would love to know how you shipped this for 15$ bucks!! Either they REALLY liked you or they didn't charge "Oversized". Either way, well done!


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Guest kimchijajonshim

I honestly have no idea how it came out so cheap, I was expecting another $10-15 at least. It actually came out to more like $14 before insurance for the additional $50. Not that I'm complaining of course.

Good doing business with you, I certainly hope you enjoy the board. Thanks a ton for everything, you were way helpful in teaching me how to package properly and whatnot. I will definitely send over an email if I decide to pick up some alpine stuff and need some guidance.

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Cool looking Tanker Bryan!!!!


Hi Jim, that is what I thought, I had not seen that "Color Way" before. I have an old blue and white one that is a 1998 maybe? Pretty cool.

Hey, you know how to run a paint brush?? :eplus2::nono::biggthump :biggthump :biggthump "ole buddy,

ole pal"

PS, It earned the "Tanker" label, it is pretty heavy compared to the new Arimid core Tankers. This weights more than a 200cm now.

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