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I'm Looking for an Arbor Koa 156...


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Thanks for responding...

...and cool site! www.oldsnowboards.com was very cool.

This is a little bit of a cheat as far as image in concerned, but I couldn't find an image on the web of the Arbor Koa. This image is of the Arbor Element, which looks about the same as the Koas. The differences were in construction: the Koa's seem to be a little looser, which causes them to get beat up much more quickly than the Element. But, it's my favorite ride! I will take a picture of mine when I get home. It's just on it's last legs so I'm hoping to find another for the upcoming season.

As far as price I would pay: $150-175 for Used (in good/decent condition); $200-225 for Used (in excellent condition); $250-275 for new/unused.


Thanks again. And, to all those out there, please e-mail me if you have one:


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