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RADIO CONTROL -RC plane/ car/ Truck SEASON !!!!


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Snow is all melty :( soooo what to do in the summer ?

Radio control season !

Drive, fly, float...... yeah !

Well, My hanger is full again, and so is my garage.

Presently I have:


E-flite: Blade CP

Air-Hogs: Havoc Heli

COLCO: Thunderbird 2


Estes: Air Force One Ducted Fan 747

** : Skyforce Twin Engine Wicked

** : Parkflier Twin Engine Toys-R-Us Exclusive ( 20.00 foam flier that just rocks)

Air-Hogs: Storm Launcher ( I have 2, they are awesome and drive on land, water and air)


Team Associated: RC10-B4, Rc10-T RC10B4 Team Car

TRC: TRC-10 Pro on-road pan car ( 70 MPH + )

MG: Monster Truck (1/5th scale gas powered beast !)

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Nice toys, especially the 1/5 scale MT.

I never owned any planes, or 'copters, and the only boat i had was a nikko.

R/C cars and trucks I have:

RC10T :biggthump

HPI super nitro

HPI Savage

RC10L with a brushless boat motor :eplus2:

It's fun stuff. They're toys, but they're cool toys.

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unfortunately I haven't been able to use any of my R/C's yet so far. in fact, i haven't done anything at all except read, play video games, and go to physical therapy/doctor.

click here for some pictures. this thing can hit up to 45 mph too. road cars can easily hit 80+ mph with the proper tuning and hop up parts.

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I miss my R/C Cars...most of them are broken and out of production (meaning no parts)

I've got:

An HPI Nitro RS4

an Ofna OB-4 (not the RTR one that they came out with, this is the original 55mph race car)

and a Kyosho Mini-Z, still works, too lazy to charge the batteries, plus the cats knock down cones or anything I setup to drive around before I can have any fun :mad: .

I'm toying with the idea of getting an electric something or other, but I've been out of the loop for so long I have no idea what's good anymore...

I've always been a big fan of 1/8th scale buggies too...just I could never afford one...maybe I'll snag one soon.

I've always wanted an r/c biplane too...I had my sights set on one from Tower Hobbies, but it never materialized. Now I'm kinda eyeballing a ducted fan A-10 :biggthump .

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Justin, the Ducted Fan A-10 is by GWS I assume that you are talking about. It is a bit qarky as a plane, and unless you are adept at flying, it really is not the easiest to fly from what I've read about it. I contemplated getting one also, but have settled on a few other planes that fancy myself :)

If you want a little plane that is just a blast to fly, try a 22.00 ESTES- SKY CRUISER from Toys R Us Store. It comes ready to fly just add 6 AA batteries to the transmitter. really a fun toy ! I've had like a half dozen of them so far.

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