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Another great day at Timberline


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Yesterday was awesome. Very warm, like 85, in Portland but the snow held up really well on Palmer. Batteries were dead in my camera or I would have attached some great pictures of a big steep perfectly groomed run with maybe six people on it. I am working on keeping my back shoulder back a little lined up with my toes on the heelside which as been working better. Since I have lowered my stance angles on the wider board I think I was kind of over rotating to about square with the front of the board. After once again spending a bunch of valuable work time gazing at the Sword videos it seems like as long as you get the hip rotation the shoulder can stay a little back which helps with the entrance to the toe side.

The interesting thing to me about the ec turn is that it feels

more natural to have legs basically straight and be perpendicular to the board rather than the kind of contorted L shape that results form pushing ribs into waist on the conventional turn. It has taken me a long time to come grips with the fact that the whole ec thing is a departure from most of the discussion here. I think I was kind of holding myself back by not fully embracing the ec thing and keeping elements of don't work as well for me.

Whatever. 122 days this season. Endurance is way up. Many bumps and bruises from falling on every 4th or 5th turn as I push the elusive heelside. Project just got canceled here at work so I am off for five more days before the racers show up.

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