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Short Notice ~ Seven Springs Tomorrow

Mellow Yellow

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Guest Steve Berthel

What are the favored runs for carving at 7 Springs? I'm thinking about making the drive from Mansfield, Ohio on Friday morning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

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<b>Alpine Meadows Slope</b> ~ Short but perfect pitch, good grooming, uncrowded even on the weekends

<b>Gunner Slope</b> ~ Longer run, top half can get bumpy as the day goes on, second half has a steeper pitch

<b>Top Half of Giant Boulder Trail to Middle of North face</b> ~ Headwall of North Face can get very icy, avoid by going top half of Boulder and cutting out to mid section of North Face, North Face is wide open but be ever watchful of <i>Death Bombers</i>

<b>Wagner Slope</b> ~ Main slope on front side directly in front of lodge, nice in the morning but gets crowded with <i>S.P.O.R.E.'s</i> (stupid people on rental equipment) by mid morning

<b>Tyrol Slope</b> ~ Starting to become a favorite of mine, nice pitch, gets crowded on weekends, watch coming over lip toward the bottom as people seem to always fall and just sit there like helpless slugs....

If you decide to go on Saturday let me know.


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Guest Steve Berthel

Thanks for the info! My wife has a conference at Denison University all weekend, so depending on her schedule Saturday, I will try to make it over. I will be in a blue Marmot parka and on a blue flame Coiler. Hope to hook up. Cheers! Steve Berthel

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Andrew - So how was your trip?

I'll be there on Sunday...early as usual...probably around 8:30...

I've found the bottom half of gunnar turning into one of my favorites, so look for me there on NF or Meadows

You should have seen the number of people that came to the SVES this year....!!! Just ask Shred, Helmut and Vlad....

oh...the chicken was tasty too!

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Andrew how late are you staying on sunday? I'm meeting freinds who are going up for some concert that I have no interest in so I'm taking the opportunity to ride sunday night before I meet up with them I plan on starting @ 4 pm.


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Guest Andrew S

just wanna apoligize for my lack of return posts and all. i've been gone quite a bit lately. atleast it was for carving!! jagger..we'll have to hook up sometime, you gonna be there the 28th or 29th?

jasen - the trip was great. plenty of carving to be found as well as some sick backcountry hikes and bowl hiking for powder. i'll prob see you this weekend and give ya the full story...


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