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Burton P.J. 6.2

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Pelican back in the day the pj's were phat as the kids used to say they are good boards but I wouldn't pay more than sqay 50.00$ give or take depending onthe condition of the board (and I like asyms) some folks wouldn't pay 50 cents but it's all personal choice.


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I rode a pj a number of years ago. I t was not a bad board. The problem you will have today is finding bindings that will fit on it. I think it used the burton 5 hole pattern which is no longer in use. I don;t know where you could get bindings. You would be better off to buy a board with the standard 4 hole insert pattern.

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I still have the board in the attic.As a board to ride any freestyle board on the market will out carve it now.So $1 . As a collectors board that might be worth something down the road...??

Doug M

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I demo'd a bunch of boards many years ago, and the PJ far surpassed anything at the time for carving. I got lucky and bought one from a friend for half of what he paid for it. (He only rode it two times and just couldn't get the feel for carving.) It's still my main board, and I really like it.

I haven't ridden any of the newer boards, though I'm certain many would be even better. But the PJ still carves up a storm...can't discount that. For the price old PJ's are going for, I think they're a real bargain for a carving board.

I am finally looking for a longer, newer carving board, but I'm sure the PJ will still get a workout. :)

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