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Ragged Jeep Day tomorrow=FREE. Don't be shy,1. drive up 2. park your rig 3. walk to the back of the line of jeeps pulling in 4.stick out your thumb 5. $MILE and be discreet 6.wave $10 bucks over your head if you want 7. first solo jeep you see, jump in 8. talk up how great jeeps and jeep day are and how you really appreciate them hooking you up 9.SCORE a ticket and bag of schwag 10. carve your brains out:D

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<td width="100%" class="jeepblue" align="left">

<font size="8" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">2003 - 04 Jeep Owner Appreciation Days Schedule<br>

</font><font size="2" color="#cc3300" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">Click on a ski area for event details/directions prior to event day<br>

and race results after event day.</font>

<p><font size="3" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">December 20, 2003 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_wachusett.pdf">Wachusett Mountain, MA</a>

December 29, 2003 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_nashoba.pdf">Nashoba Valley, MA</a>

January 1, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_mt_abram.pdf">Mt Abram, ME</a>

January 4, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_mohawk.pdf">Mohawk Mountain, CT</a>

January 9, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_bromley.pdf">Bromley Mountain, VT</a>

January11, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_bolton_valley.pdf">Bolton Valley, VT</a>

January 16, 2004 Wildcat Mountain, NH - No Race Held

January 23, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_shawnee_peak_jan.pdf">Shawnee Peak, ME</a>

January 25, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_black.pdf">Black Mountain, NH</a>

February 1, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_pats_peak.pdf">Pats Peak, NH</a>

February 6, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_ragged.pdf">Ragged Mountain, NH</a>

February 8, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_blue_hills.pdf">Blue Hills, MA</a>

February 13, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_ascutney.pdf">Ascutney Mountain Resort, VT</a>

February 15, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_powder_ridge.pdf">Powder Ridge, CT</a>

February 22, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_burke.pdf">Burke Mountain, VT</a>

March 5, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_shawnee_peak_mar.pdf">Shawnee Peak, ME</a>

March 7, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_jiminy_peak.pdf">Jiminy Peak, MA</a>

March 12, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_wildcat_mar.pdf">Wildcat Mountain, NH</a>

March 14, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_cranmore.pdf">Cranmore Mountain, NH</a>

March 19, 2004 <a href="http://www.snocountry.com/jeep_events/jeep_results/04_jay_peak.pdf">Jay Peak, VT</a></font></p>

<div align="right">

<p><font size="2" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">Schedule is subject to change</font></p>


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