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loon on sundays

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I've been going to Loon every weekend this winter. Ironically, this season it seems that Sundays have been slightly busier than Saturdays since most people on the mountain have the Sun-Mon. Threedom Pass. Last Sunday, the lines on the Quad were approaching 10+ minutes and on the North Peak we were waiting about 5+ minutes. Even with the wait, the trails were not too crowded. Avoid the crowds by getting on the mountain early. Usually from 8am-10am, the lift lines are nonexistent.

Conditions on the North Peak are pretty scratchy from the recent windy weather. You'll find better & more consistent conditions off of the quad on the lower part of the mountain.


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Guest ethanpt


depending on what happens with the weather- if it rains, I think I'll tough it out and drive to sunday river. I am thinking of getting the threedom pass next year- how much is it?

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The weather looks sketchy this weekend. Mixed precip. on Saturday with temps in the 30's, then temps dropping to 15F on Sunday.

There are three levels of the Threedom Pass and they are cheapest before the season begins.

Sun - Mon (holidays blacked out) $279 (~$229 preseason)

Limited (anytime but holidays blacked out) ~$339

Anytime (No restrictions) ~$459

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