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YES to the NO

Rob Stevens

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lurk.gif If anyone is around the Banff area on February 3rd, the Noboard film "Yes to the No" will be playing at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. 8pm in the Max Bell at the Banff Centre is the time and place.

There will be some other good films as well, so if you come, you'll be storked.

The film is a finalist, so if it gets selected, you may get a chance to see it when the Festival does its international tour.

It would be good if any gamers out there gave it a try. You don't need much... and old board, some gription, a hill and it's on. You Coloradononians with all the pow should get out there on your local golf track and do some for me. I looked at that bulls#!t weather map in another post (it's only bulls#!t because I live in the 50% zone. If I was in the 150% zone, it would be fact), so I may be on the dirt jumps for awhile yet.


If you get hooked, knock over a liquor store and go heli with it.

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