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    Skier: Fat Elan ripsticks, 162” ski blades, armada Arvs 166”
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  1. Hello there, I would like to get my partner a new board and bindings for the holidays this year. These are very old pictures, 2015-2016. I think the set up is nearly a decade old. The board is in pretty rough shape and lately he’s been on a telemark set up. Last season he was talking about how he would love to get on an alpine board again soon with some “new” tech so I would love to make that happen. As a skier, I really don’t know anything about this. I know he uses ski boots on the board that’s about it. I was reading your discussions of MS bail/std bail in the for sale post of some bindings on this site. What does this mean? Boot compatibility? He rides this on some old FT boots. I know nothing about the board itself either but any advice would be much appreciated. Anything about length/sizing, performance, bindings, and compatibility would be great! he is 6’1” this board was 173” he currently skis on 189” -unsure if this is relevant Thank you much!
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