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  1. Alright, a few words on the set, I was riding for 7 days, around 7-8h daily. Talons: I bought 2019/2020 version, because they were a bit cheaper. I regret that, because i had problems with adjusting the tongue correctly. This caused some pain on the inside of the shins. After i managed to fit them well, they are really good, very comfortable, very stiff. They are quite heavy, but it's not a problem for me, however Insanos are lighter. They are rather big as well, so you might consider that when buying (Insanos have significantly reduced footprints). A-10: At first I felt like my boot
  2. Thanks for your suggestions guys! That heel movement was my only concern, but after watching some of these videos it's not anymore.
  3. If only I could afford these Yes, it's like about 2-3 milimeters when I try hard to stand on tiptoes inside the boot
  4. Nidecker Talon arrived to me, they are even more comfortable than Insanos, but in one of them i can move my ankle just a little bit. I wonder if I I should consider it as something bad or it can stay like that. Any advice, it should be dead lock? It's not a huge movement but it's there. With bindings, I managed to get Ride A-10 with a nice price tag and I think I will keep them. One more thought, I bought M size which Ride says it fits the size below 280, my Talons are 275 but they stick out just a bit. Is that ok?
  5. Hello, I bought Korua Cafe Racer 164 this year and I'm looking for boots and bindings to match this board. I'm 188cm/86kg (6' 2" / 190lbs). Boots I am wondering between Ride Insano (I tried them on and it was pretty comfortable) and Nidecker Talon (did anybody tried those?). I ordered Talons to try them on, but maybe you have some other suggestions? These must be at least 9/10 flex, but I think it should be 10. Currently I own 5 years old Northwave Decades and I tie them so hard my feet hurt. Bindings I was thinking about Union Atlas (wouldn't they be too soft?),
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