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  1. Topic closed, board is sold to big mario.
  2. Hi Sandy, We're in Steamboat Springs. We often travel to the Front Range (Longmont, Thornton) and could meet you some time to have a look. Thanks for looking. (970) 879-5988
  3. Here's a really nice Tanker 200 that has spent a lot of years stored indoors with very good edges, base, really no damage, no base repair. It hasn't gotten a lot of use but I really loved riding it! Being at least 15 years old it has camber the full length (no rocker). Tail width 29.8 cm, waist 24.5 cm, nose 30.3 cm, length 6 foot 5-7/8 inches or 198 cm pulled straight, not on the base surface. White top, black base with red and orange flames. Serial number along right edge is 44359291 I wish you the bliss I felt making Cadillac Tracks at Grand Targhee and in Glory Bowl! $200 plus shipping. If not satisfied I'll refund plus shipping.
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