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Razor edges


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I have just come back from a weeks boarding and ice and rocks has equated to blunt, damaged edges. I have used an edge guide to re edge the edges on my 172 all mtn to 1 deg base and 2 deg side bevel. THis is got the edges pretty sharp but i feel razor sharp would be better.

how do i get them this sharp without changing the angkes? I thought i would just mount a medium then a fine diamond DMT file into the edge guide and keep goiong over the edges until they are really sharp.

Any reccomendations?

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Yup. You'll get good results polishing the edges using successively finer stones in the file guide. This will maintain bevel angles while polishing your edges silky smooth.

In case you haven't yet seen it, check out the Tognar site, which includes some useful info on doing this.

<a href="http://tinypic.com"><img src="http://i1.tinypic.com/nd0rxv.jpg" border="0" alt="Scott Firestone, Vail, CO"></a>

Hope this helps, or that you see snow so deep that razor-sharp edges are unnecessary.

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I'm fortunate I live out here in Aspen, because my edges are total crap. Too many rocks and boulders have equated to several hot spots on each edge. I find the best method is the same a booster's: use progressively finer stones. Albeit my edges still suck, I'm sure yours would be fine.

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If you want holding power you need to go to 3 degrees on the sides.

You may also want to rethink pollishing your edges.

Unless you are racing at the highest level,,,,leaving a hairy edge

will make if feel grippy,,until the hairs fall off.

Use a very fine file,,,, don't diamond the edge, or use a corse diamond.

Give it a try

Many racers have gone away from the true "speed Work" on the egde and

prefer the "hold" on PGS course

Just a thought


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