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Best sidecut for NASTAR?

Mike T

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I'm going to try my first ever race next Sunday. Due to the fact that USASA doesn't do alpine events in Oregon, it's going to have to be NASTAR. (And of course, Bachelor only does NASTAR two days out of the entire freaking season. WTF?!?!?!)

What sidecut is best for NASTAR courses? I'd rather go a bit small than a bit big - first things first, I want to finish ;)

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Depends how much you value your hip, shin, arms and head......

No different than PGS boarding..unless you are 2m outside of the gate and want to get extra points for going through the clowns mouth and not hitting the windmill.



3mm taper

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If it's more GS-like than SL-like I should be fine. I'll probably just hop on my Donek FC 175 if it's firm and my Coiler AM 182 if it's soft... both are ~12m sidecuts, easy to jam turns on, and the only thing I have that's bigger is more like 16m... I love riding it but not ready to maneuever it through gates yet!

Anyways, this oughtta be fun. I've wanted to try racing for a while. Even if I biff every run, my daughter should enjoy watching :)

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Got 3 runs in, had to execute a minor recovery on each of them but finished them all, and didn't do that horribly time-wise for the first time out, or so I was told.

I finally understand what all the talk about ruts on race course is about. One thing to encounter them on a freecarving run, where you can just hold your edge a little longer... quite another on a race course where you have to switch edges NOW.

In any case, I had a blast, I'm hooked, and really bummed that I probably won't get another chance to race this season. At least I leave for SES on Tuesday - that oughtta cheer me up :biggthump

BTW I wound up using my Donek FC 175 (11.75m scr). That's the board I was riding in the AM so I just stuck with it. Something faster would have been nice in the bottom half of the course, but the turniness probably saved my @$$ up higher.

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