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I think just about any carving board is fine to start out with. I don't know how stiff that board is, but let me tell you my experience of getting into the sport.... After riding for 4-5 years I realized my board was too soft - because the nose would over flex if I went at a turn too hard, I actually had learned to compensate for it by leaning back and "riding the tail" in the turns (the tail is just as soft but doesn't catastrophically buckle the way a nose will on a soft board).

Now that I have a board that has the appropriate stiffness for my weight I can get into the turns at much higher speeds and I feel stable and can ride with much less effort. So just watch for that as you progress. At 220, if you want to carve agressive turns at high speeds you will likely need a stiff board (and probably longer although not necessarily). I'm riding a Prior WCR 181 and I like it a lot (I weight 210).

Welcome to this site and good luck. -Adam

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Having started on an Alp I would suggest staying away from it mainly because you'll soon outgrow it I would suggest a Donek Axis, Coiler All Mountain or a Prior 4WD. All are versitile, carve like hell and are forgiving. Eventually you'll have a quiver and one of those boards will probably be part of it anyway. Welcome to the addiction...err fold. :)


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