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FS: 2 sets TD-1's and extra disks


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I have for sale:

1 TD-1 board disk kit which is comprised of: one 0 degree disk, one 3 degree disk, 8 mounting screws, and one 0 degree bumper and one 3 degree bumper. $30

1 pair of TD-1's Step in. These are the 2nd generation with the gray anodized base plate. one 0 and one 3 degree disk, one 0 degree set bumpers and one set 3 degree bumpers, leash and all screws. These are in great condition with minimal wear, except for the Intec Heels (see picture). The screws are all good. $200

1 pair of TD-1's Standard with toe clip. These are the 1st generation, with plain Aluminum plates. With all screws, one 0 and one 3 degree disk and bumpers (0 set, and 3 set). $100

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was the 2nd or 3rd owner of these and they are a bit beat up (previous owners), but still work. I used them as my Front binding, with the step-ins (below) as my rear binding. The disk to board screws are all in great shape, but 2 of the 8 are slightly longer (I never had a problem mounting to any of my boards). The M8-16 Binding mounting screws should probably be replaced, as the Allen holes are getting very rounded. The M8-16 toe and heel piece screws are also getting rounded but are usable if your carefull with your allen wrench. The front toe clips work ok, but stick a bit. About 4 of the 8 shoulder bolts which hold the bails on, look like they were pounded on by a hammer, and a couple are slightly bent (you can tell when you screw them in or out. But they hold tight and I have never had a problem with them. The pivots were all disassembled and greased 2 seasons ago, and are still tight.

Shipping is extra, I'll charge you actual, how ever you want these shipped.




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