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06-07 Rad-Air Tanker 200


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Had a chance to take Thomas_m and another friend (joe) to stephens pass today to try out next years Tanker 200's. I will let Thomas make his own review, but here are my thoughts on the new board.

1. It has more of a pintail shape this year and a larger radius sidecut so it charges through varied snow conditions even better than previous models.

2. It is very light due to the aramid/carbon and wood core construction and rides like a much shorter board.

3. It has a 6000 grade base for next year and rides very fast.

I am a little biased, as I have ridden all of the previous Tankers, but the new one rides incredibly well and is already my favorite after only two days on it. It has a very different shape than previous models and I would recommend that anyone out there who currently owns a Tanker needs to try the new one out to see how much it has been changed and improved, because I think you will be very surprised at the way the new one performs.

Pics are of Thomas, my friend Joe, and me and Joe at the end of the day.




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Jim, I am going to try to make it down there the end of feb/begining of march to ride with the tanker crews at Bachelor and MHM...dates are not set yet though, but it cannot be the end of March as I will be in Switzerland and Austria for some freeriding.

Mark, here are most of the specs...

Length: 200 cm

effective edge: 157.5 cm

Nose width: 32.5 cm

Waist width: 25.5 cm

Tail width: 31 cm

sidecut radius: 12.45 m



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Guest thomas_m

Sandy was nice enough to trade decks with me for a while at Stephens Pass yesterday. None of us knew the place very well so we bounced all over. The conditions were very marginal. The wind was gusting 40-50+ all over western Washington and Stephens was no different. It was also dumping snow(sideways) and the vis was from bad in the trees to non-existent on the groomers. It was your basic frickin blizzard.

For the people that know Stephens, we spent most of our time going up Skyline then up 7th Heaven. From there we went both straight back down the chutes under the lift and to the trees skiers right. The wind and snow were filling in the tracks so these were some sweet, steep pow runs but too short. We also hit the runs off the back of 7th Heaven and one trip over to the backside which was like I said above, a frickin blizzard.

I liked the Tanker from the first run. We did one warmup and then went right up 7th Heaven. This was the 'Bobby Chute' a very steep tight double black that I mentioned above. The top of that run was pretty sketchy but the big Tanker was surprisingly easy to swing around. On the lower angle stuff, it's like riding a dream but that's a given with a Tanker 200. Next time up we went off in the other direction which was still (nominally) double black but much more open and less technical. The Tanker just keeps whispering in your ear, 'faster, faster, faster...' but the vis was nil and I kep doing unintendo-airs when I'd hit big bumps or drops that I couldn't see. So I had neither the vis or the nutz to really put the board though it's paces. It's not very likely that I could ride it to its potential on the best of days.

I ducked into the trees here and there looking for pow and the Tanker busted it all. It's especially cool cruising by people stuck and wallowing in low angle pow fields but I do always ask if they are OK... I took one very narrow, banked trail (on the backside, near Corona bowl) to get out of the wind and as soon I came round a bend I found it choked with women skiers having a leisurely chat. "Oh fluck" I thought but again it was very easy to move the board around the pink and baby blue clad pylons duscussing their babysitters or somesuch.

All in all, a killer ride. It is very light, much lighter than the 01/02 Tanker 200 I used to have and even felt lighter than my Dupraz 178. It rides a bit different than the old Tanker, easier to turn, maybe even more floaty. Lots of pop. However, the older model was more confidence inspiring on the groomers, that thing would rail. The newer one didn't feel quite as stable, maybe due to the different shape, maybe the schitty conditions, probably a little of both. Note - this is a bit of a quibble, it still rails just not the same feel as the older model.

Downsides - It rides like a pig when going slow. Duh, it's 200 cm long... It's not one you want to ride all the way into a populated lift line while unstrappping! You don't want to fart around and not pay attention to what you are doing becuase you've got a helluva lot of edge sticking out there waiting to catch something you should have seen but didn't because you are acting the jackass. Skating around, getting off sketchy lifts and similar stuff was a little nervy. The steep tight stuff was doable but a lot of work for me. Sandy handled all of this no sweat but he's a better much better rider than me and knows the Tankers inside and out. I rode the same steep chutes under 7th Heaven after lunch on my LibTech Snow Mullet (fish shape) and it was much easier for me. But then I didn't have the float on the low angle runout...

Final verdict is hells yes, it's a fine board. If you've got access to a decent amount of pow, especially places you can really let it go ballsout, then you need to try a Tanker 200, especially one of the new breed. It's a better version of an already great ride. Caveat - unless you're really commited to learning to handle one in all conditions, I don't think it's a quiver killer. It might be pretty expensive on a per-ride basis if you can only ride it on your one/twice annual trip. Then again, it may be the board that makes your cat-boarding trip fun. I think it's the perfect addition to a shorter Tanker or Dupraz to cover everything. Throw a Fish/Khyber/Mullet in there too and your only problem would be deciding what to ride on a powder day.

I want one.

Another one of Sandy's pics showing the ideal board testing conditions yesterday... Due to the vis, I kept getting the disoriented feeling that I was perfectly still and the terrain was rushing toward me beneath my feet.


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  • 1 month later...

Thanks again Sandy for getting this fine board to me just in time for the big dump at MHM. It was the envy of all those who truly understood the impact of getting two feet of new in 24 hours at MHM. It is not only a beautiful board but it worked well in the uncharacteristly dry snow. The board is indeed MUCH lighter (although I never complained about the 02/03 weight/size ratio). It worked well in the trees and turned quickly. I seldom try out new gear in a big snow day. However my trust and faith in Rad Air products allowed me to break that rule and smile the whole day long!! I look forward to riding this new super tool on addition conditions and with plates.

Rode it Thursday with Catek Free Pros and Malmuit Boots. Lovin Life on my Tanker 09/07

Jim and all the Mt Hood / Mt Bach locals. Heads up. Sandy is headed our way with a fleet of Tanker 200cm boards. Show up/ Step up/ and SMILE it is going to be a "Tanker Session" this week!!!

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No worries Bryan....looking forward to getting down there and riding with you guys...hope it dumps more before I get there...Here are a couple pics of Anthony and his 172 hiking behind me looking for the pow at baker today (which we found a lot of) and then one at the bottom with Shuksan in the background...epic conditions in the back country...perfect tanker terrain...also saw two hardbooters making nice trenches down by chair 7. Had a chat with them and made a run down behind them following their carves with my tanker on the groomers.




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Sandy or Bryan ,

I have this monday and wednesday off this week. Let me know if you are going to ride so that I can meet up with you. We could have a tanker 2k day at MHMs.


I am guessing I will have to go Monday too!!

Got a new carving tool to try out. May have to wait till Oregon Expression Session?

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Bryan and Jim,

Wednesday sounds great at MHM...would be a blast to have all the local Tanker guys there. I will call when I get to Portland to hash out details...should arrive in Oregon either late monday night or early tuesday and stay for a few days...have to be back in Seattle by the 22nd to go to Switzerland/Austria for the First-Tracks event and the Longboard Classic. Will take a lot of pics and share the stories after I return, but it will be fun to take the pics and stories of the Norwest Tanker crews over to share with the Euro Tanker crews.

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Thanks , the pictures don't do it justice. Mounted , tuned waxed , ready to rip! We are having quite the pow session right now, so I may have to wait. It has been months in the making so I am anxious to put it on snow!!!

Trying to talk Mike into coming down for OES. It would be fun to have four Tinklers on the chair !

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The pictures don't do the boards justice, as with all Tankers they are works of art that perform phenomenally! This year's model is particularly stunning with a midnight blue topsheet and a 'metal' maori warrior mask between the bindings.

Glad to see that more and more people are finding the stoke of Rad-Air.

For those of you that would like to see these boards in person have your favorite snowboard shop get in touch with me. We are working very hard at bringing more Tankers into the the US market than ever before! If you would like your shop to get in early, have them give me a ring.

If you need boards this season, you can order them online at exoticboards.com. There are also some older models at reduced prices and some new models that have not been uploaded to the site yet.

Sandy, you are the man! I'm working on updating the dealer side of the site, I'll let you know when it's ready.

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Guest thomas_m

Damn! I wish I'd been up at Baker with y'all on my 200... Hemisphere's looks killer in that pic.

Someday, we'll finish moving and I can snowboard again...


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Hey all, my knee is acting up (and I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday afternoon to get it checked out), but I'd still be up for setting up shop halfway down a run and filming some video/shooting stills of you guys charging on the Tankers.

I could stay until about 11 a.m. - any interest? Mind you, I don't have a video camera, so someone would have to provide one.

It sucks because I was really looking forward to riding one of those decks, but the next best thing would be seeing other riders tearing it up, I guess.

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Hi Dan, sounds like a plan. Can you ride around carefully or are you talking about hiking?

I could get a older video camera (Hi 8 8MM) and a radio ??

Sorry to hear about the knee? Did this come up yesterday??

Today was SUNNY!

Got some shots of the day. Pretty much just mountain shots.

A couple short vids of Jim M.

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Cool Bryan. I'm thinking that I can ride around carefully - a run or two.

I have a set of FRS radios I can bring up too.

It was actually a fall I took in all that pow on Thursday. I managed to stuff the deck going over some bumps in the pow: it stopped and I kept going, with my right knee taking most of the force. No pain at all that day and I kept riding, then rode Friday and Sunday, but it's been feeling kind of funny and Sunday night it started to get a little sore. I'm icing and popping Advil and hoping for the best. Hopefully I'm just being a hypochondriac.

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Having spend a good amount of time on the 02/03 200 Tanker this season I`m now drooling over that new shape.

My only complaint about the Tanker I ride currently is I wished it had a bigger sidecut for the groomers. Viola, wha-da-ya know, the new one sounds like the perfect sidecut to me.

My list of "must haves" is growing as quick as my addiction to the snow.;)

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Dan: Ah, that's why you were asking about ACL injuries? "Feeling kind of funny" - you should go to a doctor and get it looked at. I know it sucks to think about but either way, it would be better to know for sure, and by "for sure" I mean get a better, more educated guess.

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