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Burton Factory and Ultra Primes: 173, 164, 151


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These are all year 2000 Burton Factory or Ultra Primes in very good to excellent condition aside from some cosmetic dings. The 151 has only been ridden once (I'm 6'0", 170 lbs. and found it too short.) The 164 has never been ridden.

The 173 is a Factory Prime, the 164 an Ultra Prime (very light), the 151 a Factory Prime.

NOTE: These are THREE-HOLE pattern boards. I have a pair of Bomber TD1 3-hole 0 and 3-degree discs to go with the boards, $12/per disc.

Photos are below. These boards have been stored waxed, so should not be dry. One photo shows the one of two small dings on the 173.

I'm trying to unload these as a three-pack for $300, including the discs. If you want to buy the boards separately, $110 (?) each, plus whatever shipping.

I can take a check, money order, or paypal. If you pay via paper, I'll need to wait for your check or money order to clear before I ship.

contact Adam at adambolonsky at yahoo dot com. Note too that I have a pair of lightly used TD1's that I'm trying to sell for around $150.




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Guest RotoryflightRipper


I am interested in your 164. I live in NH and will give you cash if the board is as you claim (never ridden). You mentioned cosmetic issues can you elaborate?

Thank you for your time.


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is the 164 sold?

would you take 100 plus shipping?

Hi west;

Nope, I won't take $100 plus shipping, as a couple of guys already seem interested at $100.

Although the 164's not sold yet, there's a guy up in Montreal who seems ready to pay me via paypal today or tomorrow.

The 164 is a 2000, says so on the board logo.

The 151 I ASSUME is a 2000 also.

I bought all three two years back at a bankruptcy sale here in Boston, used only the 173.

If you're still interested in the 164 and commit while the guy in Montreal decides, I'll let him know it's yours OR his, whoever truly jumps in first.

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