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Shred Gruumer

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Im going to head out today to have one of my Virus's Tuned for Tahoe!! Like it needs it in hero snow!!

Hows the rain down there.. is it packing down good..? probably will be good hard pack clay day today..thinking of heading out my back door and going for a run or two!!


I think most of the riders at Tahoe use the TahoeCarvers website for meeting up.


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Guest rick ferguson

The mass of tc'er's are at kirkwood, followed by mt.rose and squaw. Those that like to ride with a lot of kids/family ride northstar. Wanta bunch of wanker's- ride alpine. Tourist attraction, non-english speaking=heavenly. Hugh and I are going to be at k-wood superbowl sunday as well as monday. Staying in southlake to party.

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Wow Rick,

You really do know Tahoe. I'm just trying to figure out if you're a wanker, a tourist attraction or working on your English... I can't picture you with kids/family. When your English gets better, meet me at the top of Ramarah's fingers- might bring an extra pair of shorts it's been a little firm up there.

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