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So you molded your own boot liners

Bobby Buggs

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After doing a set of intuitions I learned a lot.. Toe cap.. hot spot on yer bunions and little toe knuckles....etc.

I had some fairly soft 1/8 inch foam that I cut out and used as a toe cap..to drive you foot into the heal..

then taped other foam to hot spots where I needed room..put a sock over it and go.

I went with the buckles being light medium.. you want it to form around your foot and leg. but if you go to tight.. wooo.. crush city.. also the liner will mold to that point of tightness and it will be hard to buckle your boot to keep you heal in the pocket. Better to be loose than tight.. that way if you need to buckle tighter you can..

don't know if that helped Buggs but after 4 bakes and one bake with the thermos thats what I ended up with.

my one foot has knukles all over it so I was putting foam all over my foot...finally room in the toe box!!

Dr. shoals bunion pads and what not work well too.


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What Steve said. Keep in mind,that the places where you buckle loose will have more liner so you can make them tighter once you're done. The first time I molded I did all the buckles tight and then could never get the cuffs tight enough because I would run out of buckle.

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Next time I will barely do the calf ones at all, I still have too much space there. But definitley cranck down on the toes if you find your toes get cramped while riding... and pack out that area. Pain during molding = pain-free on the slope, at least for me...

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