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pj 7 ???

Dr D

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Any body have experience with a PJ 7 ? how stiff how wide etc.

I know know its a dreaded Asym but the last alpine board I had was and it worked. I am just looking to pivk up something cheap to finish the season and then gear up next year. I definitely need longer. I am 6'3" and 265 or so mostly in the chest and shoulders. I figure the average long stiff and won't turn much kind a board is probably up my alley. any thoughts? as to the PJ the asym stuff on ebay is cheaper.

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What Bob said is right on.

Also, if you're looking at the one on Ebay, it's a mess. The base is baddly bubbled from some genius using overlength screws, base & edges badly gouged. This is one to avoid, :barf: unless you have nothing but time & access to some major tuning machines

FP's are definetly the better more modern stick. PJ's were fun, it would be fun for retro flashback,...que the Waynes World theme...me on the 'ol green tail PJ7 in full neon. :lol:

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