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Soldier Mountain Downhill-snowboards encouraged.


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Yes that's right a 2000 v feet downhill course at Soldier Mtn in central Idaho. North of Twin Falls, south of Ketchum.

The open class is next Tuesday with a training run in the morning and a timed run in the afternoon. :eek: Think your fast, ever done downhill on a board and you will reevaluate. I was timed on Monument face a few years ago at this race at 65 mph and I nearly crapped shiny new speed suit.

the cost is $30 for the race and $30 for the ticket. This is a small ski area that is normally closed on Tuesday so it is all for the racers. Good party after too.

There is a USSA downhill on Wednesday too. Two runs must have a license etc.

Contact me if you need more details.


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Bummer. I have to be in Seattle that day. That would have been fun. I just mapquested it to see how far it was before I realized I have to travel that day. Mapquest says 775 miles and 12.5 hrs. Either that or a $375 r/t on Southwest. Too bad I can't blow off my client. Please give us more warning next time. Thanks.

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I just called today to find out when it is, as it is usually late Feb or March. and he says "oh it's next week".

There is a big Super G (about 2300 vertical) that runs late March or early April. It is actually a combined event, bumps on Saturday and Super G on Sunday you can do either or. I've won that a couple times cause there are only about three of us in the bumps and then I usually do pretty fair in the Super G.

Thanks for the interest.


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