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Sunapee Expression Session Today.


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Wow what a great group of carvers. Must have been at least 13/15 on the Mountain and one who didn't want to play with us. Snow was beautiful sun was out the turns were all low to the ground and there were like 200 high school girls in GS suits racing around :1luvu: . For those of you in southern NE you should look ahead to 2/23/06 it may be the next mini-session preparring for ECES. Don't be afraid of the group as I was, it only opened me up to a whole new experience which is much better then riding solo. We destroyed almost every trail on that mountain today, when the groomers go up tonight they'll know there were carvers there today.

Thanks to all for a great day.

Eric Ensign :biggthump

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Man I'm still grinning form ear to ear :D. I had a blast with everyone. It was great to met some new carvers, Tommy you rock carving at 69, that is awesome, so there's still hope for me to carve in 30 plus years :biggthump. Jack it was great to tear up the trails with you. Jack might be Mr. Polite on BOL, but get him to some snow with a new Metal board and it's a different story. :D Let's just say he loved dragging a$(@ in front of the lift and pulling hero moves. :lol: and scaring the sh$@% out of me a few times. But then again I was doing the same :lol:

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Killer day for sure. Excellent crew.

Too bad the video from the AM did not come out. I do have some great stuff from the second round though. I'll play with the editing and send off clips to those I was able to get on film.

I'm flying home from CO on the 22nd, so I'm not sure if I'll make the 23rd or not, but I'll try.

Good to meet a few new people. You should come out more often.

Good to get on the hill with Jack too. Hope the trip from ME was worth it.

TrailerTrash has stepped it up a big notch this year. Very nice.

Ben, How's the ankle this AM? You looked like you picked right up from last year.

Hope to see y'all soon.

Ankle's not too bad. Friday it was quite sore. But then the rest of me was pretty sore too. Three days laters it's pretty much back to normal though. I'm gonna head out next weekend too see how it goes.


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