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rear shin hurts from pushing around


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Since you are considering shaving, are you are talking about skin irritation? I have that problem with certain kinds of socks, wool ones or especially anything with big ridges in the area where the boot cuffs are. It's much less of a problem with socks that don't have those ridges and are softer, my favorites right now are some blends sold by Burton.

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Does the booster strap go in front of the tongue or behind the tongue?

Over the boot, so all around the boot with the logo of Booster over the front and over the tongue of the boot. Boosterstraps certainly do stretch because of their elastic webbing, it takes the stretch while moving so your lower legs stay under a certain tension compact in your boots. Just fiddle with the tension of the straps. You will feel when they are too tight or too loose. You can also try Shintronics from www.manoove.com. Helped me out.

Greets, Hans.



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Funny this should come up. Although I don't knowingly suffer from shin bang, or painful shins or whatnot, I realised in the shower the other day that my boots have, without me noticing, managed to strip all the hair off my lower shins.

Looks well odd. But you may find shaving works.


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