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First Day On alpine, and question


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Well after a month or more of waiting I finally got to my alpine gear.First a little back ground, I've been riding for about 8 years now and slowly got tired of freestyle.My weapon of choice is a FP 167,Burton race plates and some 123's. Now I am used to riding my old stance of 20,-15 and a wide Burton board so I was a bit worried about my first day out. To make a long story short after only a few turns(not carves, skided truns) I felt comfortable. By the last run of the day I felt like I was actully getting somewhere.Now heres the issues I have with it so far, first off I haven't learned to trust my bindings I feel like I am gonna just break them and kill myself.This may be due to the fact at the end of the day I realized that I could set my toe piece back one notch and it would fit tighter DOH:smashfrea .Anyways all and all I am happy that it wasn't to hard to get the basics down.Now my question on my Burton plates on the toe piece there is a section of plastic that looks like it got pushed in, this i in turn freaking me out the whole time I ride. Is this a safety issue? Its hard to explain so maybe this picture will help..


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