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No snow at Mountain Creek


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There, there - the mountain is still open. We still have plenty of snow to ride on.

The last couple of days have been sloppy wet fun for me.

I admit that the current 50 deg. and raining does not give me that get up and go of 15 deg. with fresh snow. Good company helps. JT, when are you heading back up?

The Jersey Outcasts must unite!! We are the b@stard carvers. The forgotten small corner of weirdos that people gawk at from high on their snow covered hills. We don't need your pity - although some of your snow wouldn't hurt. In fact we pity all the rest. A single snowflake falls and screams of joy can be heard echoing through the smog filled air. One inch of snow is a gift. Ten inches? I'm feeling woozy. We don't take our winters for granted here. We rip what we get. When we get to your big fat hills we have the mind of a child, smiling and squeeling over things you greedy snow-whores couldn't be bothered with. Snow covered trees - sweeeeeeeet! I can see my breath again - woooooohoooooo! We don't need your big fancy snowy resorts. You need us to remind you how to have a good time on a "crappy" day.

OK, I'll admit - I need your snow. This is all spewing forth from envy.

Don't look at me like that.

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Ah, its noones fault but mountain creek's own. They only blow the thinnest base and then they cry "weather" when the January thaw comes. My feeling is that there is nothing mountain creek hates more than snow. Their goal, the moment they open, is to close again. This is obvious from their behaviour every March.

And what little is left now is barricaded off. Bear peak always partially closed for racing. Bottom blocked off for the beginner area (the 360 carve area).

Vernon peak has lost lots of great trail now to the dedicated park (and manned by skinhead park nazi's requiring another special pass).

So every one is funneled into beat trail. Then the open area at the bottom is restricted with barriers again. Built that stupid hotel and now parking only across the road. But the level area is "preferred" and you have to park in a hole.

And then there is the clientele. Some of which should be in reform school. I mean twice there I have had an altercation in the lift line because I asked "you double" when the lines merged. Holy moly!! Some don't know what that is and they freak out on you.

Its getting really, really unpleasant there.

Been going to Hunter, Gore and Whiteface. Gore rocks for carving !


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Eric J,

I went last night on my freestyle board. I must admit, the conditions were pretty good considering the rain and then cold temps. I probably won't be out again until the beginning of next week. We will have some colder temps and possibly some snow making by then. I'm taking my daughter out tonignt on the magic carpet.

As far as Sic t 2 is concerned, I hear you dude. The clientel at Vernon sucks. As far as the racing trail is concerned, you have to get in with the right people to ride the trail while racing and race training is going on. If we happen to ride again together this year, we'll ride the racing trail regardless of what is going on. They love carvers but HATE any other snowboarders on that hill.

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creek on the weekends is like navigating thru midtown manhattan during rush hour, you can't go anywhere. There really isn't anyplace to lay out some nice turns because its either 1. too packed or 2. the snows to thin or too choppy. or 3. both. I usually bring my fs board when I go there because I can always hit a couple of jumps or rails instead of carving. If I want to carve I'd go to the Poconos instead, at least the snows better.

its ironic they've really gone out to attract boarders with that massive terrain park that takes up more than half of Vernon peak, because when i started snowboarding there back in '89 (back then called Vernon Valley), I had to sign a waiver just so I could get on the hill with a board. Times have changed...

Will any of you Mt. Creek guys be joining us for MAC Tracks?

I'll try to make the trip out there, prob. good place to meet other area carvers.:)

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As I have been saying to most people I ride with, carving can be done on a freestyle board almost as well as some hard decks. I have lately been riding my fs board in the park a few runs then carving some good lines at south. There is no need to bring a fs board just for the use of park riding. You can rip awesome carves on it to. Next week will be cold and Mountain Creek will blow snow and conditions will be good once again. Post the days you will be there and bring both boards (fs and hard deck). Lets ride together and I'm sure you will understand what I'm talking about.

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