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How bout a little info in your profile


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Just so you know I been kicking around bomber for a while now. Trying to help out when possible, and delaying accomplishing any real work the rest of the time. AAANDDDD I often look at the profiles when some one has technical questions. There are very many of you with no info at all in your profiles. I know we all want to protect our identities online and all the carp, but this is a great resource and sometimes you have to give to get.

And I am definitely down with no For Sale without an email online.

So step up and be part of your community. No phone numbers or street addresses please.

And thanks to Fin and Co. for sponsoring a great forum.


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I just updated with a better email address, one that I check everyday instead of once a week. After I changed my email address, I couldn't post a forum reply until I went and confirmed my BOL change of address through the new email address...tight security :AR15firin

I agree with Carvedog, not enough people have anything in there profile. BTW, www.mulletsgalore.com is a top 10 favorite site, but not my personal site.


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