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Burton SuperModel 181

Gabe T

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Going on a trip next month to Big White, B.C. Usually hope for some powder out there, but I've had pretty bad luck with snow every time I make the trip out west so far.

Anyways, I hurt my ankle playing hockey just before the season started. Luckily I've still been able to carve on the hardboot setup. Ankle still gets a bit swollen, but it doesn't really hold me back much. Tried the soft boots for a few runs the other week to test the ankle but it didn't feel too good. Felt like I could easily aggrivate it if I took a spill or slid out hard on a toe side. Plan is to change to a hardboot setup and was thinking about the SuperModel 181. (Not even sure if it's still available, but it was posted on BOL classifieds) Any thoughts on this board? I weigh about 165/170 and use a Raichle 27.5 boot.

Thought about using bindings that are not as stiff like the race plates. Would the board be able to withstand a TD1 set up?

The other alternative is to use my existing soft board (Salamon 450, 156). It's a bit on the soft side though and not very stable at speed.


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Gabe, I used to ride a supermodel 81 and my own experience with it is that it is going to be too soft and flexy for hardboots and you will overdrive the torsional stiffness of the board. If you like the softer flex in a board than this will not be a problem, but I don't think that you will be happy with it with your hard boots.

Boards to consider would be:

-Rad-Air Tanker or LSD


-Some of Never Summer's higher end freeride models

-Prior and Donek have some production boards that definately fit in this category

Sorry that might not help much, but that is my 2 cents.

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I sometimes ride a Supermodel 173 with hard boots and TD1s. It feels SOFT, and can't hold a carve at anything beyond running speed.

But I always have fun when I ride it. I use angles of about 40/20, and it's so easy to skid around when I'm feeling lazy. It's my powder board and it works for me there, although I can't compare it to the specialty powder boards that people rave about these days (Fish, 4807, etc) because I haven't ridden them.

Hope that helps...

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but I was able to carve on it (when new) and have a good time and until I rode a Frontier ( much stiffer) I thought it was the bomb. I am also 240 lbs. So for some one at your weight it may be fine. I now ride the Frontier 185 and love it but I am a long board guy. Shortest board in active quiver FP173 and a Canyon 173. There have been several Frontiers in the 165 to 175 range on ebay and elsewhere, don't know about the more custom boards but am scared to try because I will probably want one.

Sounds like you hyper flexed ankle ??

Good luck,


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