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a Day of Perfection


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Wow...today (tuesday 1/31) was amazing. First of all, I had an 8 am class that lasted 15 minutes, then i decided to hit the slopes because I saw a little rain outside. That would mean that there would be no one at wachusett. By the time I left, it was snowing/sleeting. The traffic wasn't too bad. I arrived a lil early so I took a leak on the side of the parking lot. Always a good feeling.

Anyways, I got my pass and headed for the lift line. Then i noticed, "what lift line?" Amazing!!!! On my second run I saw a discouraged kid walking down the side of the trail. pulled over to him and found out he was just upset that someone accidently took his snowboard instead of their own from the bus of the group he was with. I helped him get on the board but then he said he'd rather walk. I decided to walk down with him. Great kid though. all the schools left and I was one of 10 people left by 8:30. by that time, i got the same amount of runs in as i would on an entire friday night.

I got some prime practice in. The conditions were very, very, good. I am now able to freely transition from a heelside to toeside and so on. I'm loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, more and more people are familiar with an alpine board. I pointed two guys to BOL because they were very interested. Spreading the word.

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