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Intec heel installation


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Very straight forward to install the Intecs. If you bought them from us we include our own instruction sheet:

Remove your old heel pads and liners.

Insert the Intec heels making sure you get the left and right ones on the correct boots.

Sometimes the hole for the cable is a bit tight so you may have to slightly oversize. Either a drill or just stick a screw driver in it and move it around. But I would say 90% of the time the cables fits just fine.

Install the 4 screws into each Intec. Put a very small dag of thread lock on each thread. Crank down in a cross pattern.

Install the handles at the top of each cable. (To get the clip in we find you may need to squeeze with some pliers)

Done. Ready to step into the future :)

Note: advice you ride them 1-2 days then go back and re-tighten the screws as they do settled, after that they will stay tight forever.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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