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Coiler 178 Free Carve and 168 Nidecker on ebay


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I don't think there was a buy-it-now on the Coiler. I think he added it after the fact for somebody that emailed him? Perhaps it was a BOL member...

I saw that too...thought...wth? there was no BIN before!

retro..."why didnt you post it here first..."

because then people would offer him $50. at least on ebay its an auction.

Ernie is stoked

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D-Sub you forgot that he has to ask for pics first, then ask in infinite detail about how many times it has been tuned, by whom, at what angles, and what wax was used each time. THEN offer $100 and back out before the seller even gets a chance to respond. Of course this is all imaginary fictional stuff.

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