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Kiwi Rider Visiting CO needs help!


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Hi everyone,

I'm a rider heading up from New Zealand up to Colorado in late Feb - planning on being there between Feb 24 and March 2. I have never ridden in Colorado before, so am keen on advice on where to stay - I was thinking of somewhere like Keystone or Breck - close to the hills, close to some night-life, without being too expensive...I hope I am not asking for too much!

Any tips on package-deals (i.e. accommodation and lift-tickets) would be greatly appreciated!



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Excelllent choice. Dang, you are missing our SES by about a week in Aspen. Get you next year.

Keystone is excellent carving and you can even go until 9 pm. And lodging is affoardable. However, for night life it falls short. There is stuff to do at night but we are talking the same 3 places over and over.

Now Breck is party town. Good carving as well with lots to do afterwards. However, lodging is a bit more as it is Breck.

For the best overall I would say Frisco. Goods rates on lodging and a good solid night life (need to be near Main St). You are also central to all resorts and the free bus system is based out of there.

Try and join us Wed. Night at Keystone. And come by the shop and we'll give you a tour.

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Thanks for the advice! :biggthump Sounds like a plan. I have managed to find quite a nice little place in Breck for not much $s, so I may actually opt for that - but definitely keen to head to Keystone, and the Weds night session sounds pretty sweet.

Soooo...if I am staying in Breck, any advice on great bars/restaurants/clubs would be appreciated...although carving it up at altitude, I probably won't be up for much partying the first night or 2!

Also, I take it that Vail (as well as A-Basin and of course Keystone and Copper) is pretty close and easy to access from Breck? I hear Loveland is pretty cool too, being way up on the Divide, so loads of powder...? Is Aspen accessible from Breck, or just too far...?


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Breck is just one big party town, you'll have no probelm finding where to go. To many good spots to list.

Aspen is a bit of a drive at around 3 hours. Great if you can make it but there is a ton of riding here to keep you busy.

See you then!

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i'm riding Keystone most days, and as any excuse to carve is a good one, i'd be more than happy to hook up and show you around the mountain! Great carving here! When you know what days you'll be at Keystone let me know here or my e-mail is swifty5@earthlink.net. See you later!



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Dear Swifty

I trust you understand that Kiwi riders are a different breed to you Americans.

Therefore, if you intend to ride with a Kiwi rider, these are the items you need to prepare, as stated by the New Zealand embassy:

- 2 lumps of stale fish

- a six pack of beers...for breakfast....each

- at least two pairs of boots which are about 5 sizes too small

- an elfgen tongue kit for the powder days

- bomber bindings (of course!)

- some good cliff drops, 100, 200,, er, 500 foot cliffs, that is the ticket

- a date with yeah, Christy Brinkley, yeah

- a T bar, so the NZ joke, 'single' 'yes, I am not surprised' can be told a EVERY trip up the mountain

Kiwi Rider, I think you will need to buy 2 items:

- bomber RAB kit (or at least get one on order for our tahoe trip next year)

- some new bling bindings for yo' ride

- don't bother taking your short board, just take the 168

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Hmm. Swifty (I am protecting the names of the innocent by not publishing your real name), don't believe a word of this man. He may be a 'Carving Extraordinaire' Bomber, but he speak with forked tongue.

(By the way, the references to Christie Brinkley and 500 foot drop offs refers to 'Maltese Flamingo', a legendary Greg Stump ski-movie, in case you didn't already know!)

Kip, Swifty was going to show me the best spots on Keystone, now thanks to you, he will probably point me in the direction of the kiddie-lifts (or 500 foot cliffs) instead! :smashfrea

Kip, I think you should fly over from Bangkok and come riding in Breck. You know it makes sense. I have suggested to Steve that he fly over from Reno as well.

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Once again, you are not, what, speaking engrish.

You do not want to go to Colorado after SES. I do not believe that you want to go there. You want to take the 395 to Tahoe.

And FYI I am conseederably fatter at the moment, than yeeeow. So I think I cuold not handle them there chikadee chutes of Keystone and the altitude.

Do you get altitude sickness?

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Altitude sickness? I don't know...I have never stayed as high as Breck (even sleeping in the RSC lodge on the mountain at Whakapapa is probably only around 2,000 metres, whereas Breck is around 2,900 m), so it will be interesting to see. I have stepped up my running, and will hydrate big-time while in Atlanta, and take it easy those first few days I am there, so I can acclimate...

You, fatter than me? Ceeeeoooome on speeeeoooort. I foind that hard to belooive, Pamm-ay!

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