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Hot Blast 67

Guest rphillips

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Guest rphillips

2004-2005 Hot Blast 167

Board has only been ridden a few times. Small scratch on the top sheet, otherwise perfect condition.

$300 + shipping.

Waist Width = 19.8cm

Sidecut Radius = 12.3m



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Guest rphillips
:nono: I emailed you twice and left you a voicemail telling you I was moving on in a couple of hours with no response. Communication and Cash are key. I got neither from you. :flamethro
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god ANOTHER whiney crybaby!

what is it with people here?

you want something? MAKE IT HAPPEN, or someone else will. that was a fine price for a nearly new board...you expect someone to wait around while someone else is ready, cash in hand?

why does this happen so often on bomber?

I know, I know...none of my business. oh well.

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haha! like the sick deal on one that you turned down cuz the dude didnt want to use paypal?

please, just remember www.escrow.com. I sound like a parrot at this point, but its truly a perfect way to do a deal.

Yeh I suck. Lack of faith was my demise.

And yeah dude gave me two options and that wasn't one of them...

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