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Oooh. Daddy's gonna be mad...


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Article Link Here

Two of the world's rarest exotic cars, the Lamborghini Murcielago, and the newly introduced Ferrari Enzo, crashed today in the Park Cities area while street racing. There were a total of 5 teens involved. The Lamborghini apparently was driven by minor Courtney Shannon, daughter of Danny Shannon the owner of a large exotic cars dealership. The Ferarri Enzo, the world's rarest car, was driven by Rebecca West who's father is a prominent attorney. Both girls are age 17. Three males, Andrew Lambert, Chase Shannon, and a third who's name has not yet been released, were passengers.

Both females and two males are in stable condition, while the third male is in critical condition. All 5 were taken to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Rand Allemond says "I saw the yellow one coming down the street and make a sharp swerve-like maneuver and turn sideways while the other ran into it. Then they both slid into two other cars and that's when I ran inside to get my wife and call the police".

The Lamborghini is valued at $280,000, and the Ferarri is valued at more then $2,000,000.00.


What I don't get is how they got 5 people into those two cars. I thought two each would be the limit? Is one of them a 2+2?

Either way, its kinda funny, except for the injuries.

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