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You should Noboard

Rob Stevens

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-Forum Street dweller (no edges), Fish, Swallowtail or the lightest board you can find.

-Pad from www.noboard.ca or Trac Top, Gorilla Grip, ect.

Go to a hill with minimum 20 cms on it and hit it (don't hold the rope if you get the Noboard pad unless you're in the real and then try to drop it anyhow... just don't let it get away!)

It's snowing like a bastard here right now, so if we get the needed final ingredient, I'll post a vid.

Melt your bindings into something useful, like an ashtray.


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I got the same reply from this German (delete) guy on the EC site.

Snurfers had a rope to hold the board to your feet. Get a light board, some traction and do it with NO ROPE.

This is strictly surf-style, with only your skill to keep you on and the rope attached to your leg so it doesn't run away.

I suggest the proper noboard pad as their traction pad is burly, with raised knobs that work in the deepest snow. Trac-Top gets packed up in really deep snow.

Use the rope if things get tense, but otherwise, don't.

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