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Frontside video

Guest zajda

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thank for news.

I wind only frontside (new video www.carvingboard.info/frontside.mpg). Look here on my web WWW.CARVINGBOARD.INFO, ther's more engineer carving.



looked to me like you were bending at the waist early in the turn. do you see it that way?

also, were you intentionally not doing heelside carves? Seems kinda odd to ride that way unless you were purely focusing on your toesides?

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I can understand well English, write badly English

at turn I only relay yoke on side (50% / 50%)

I think the language thing is gonna be an issue here...

are you saying you only turn toeside? like...that's all you do?

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Nice front side! But like D-sub said, it seems like you bend forward before you actualy begin your turn... Is it on purpose?

Yes, Is it on purpose. This techniku exploitation at small hill :)

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