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Newcomer nees a complete set up


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Looking into getting into carving and would be interested in a set of equip. for myself . I wear a size 7.5-8 shoe , typically a 25.5-26.5 in Euro. I am 5'8" aprox. 155lbs and am 47 years old. I like to think I board fairly aggressivly for my size and age. I typically board on long cruising hills like Panoramma, Nakiska or Lake Louise.Let me know if you have a good used (or new if the price is right)For sale.Thanks Whaack.

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Guest madison907

I have a Burton Factory Prime 172 in outstanding shape $100, and a pair of Burton Carbon Fiber race plates also $100. Both for $200 + shipping. Its a great deal. I am 155 lbs, you can easily ride this set-up and rip.... Let me know. I have pics, drop me a note.

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I have Burton hardboots Reactor model size 25,5 mondo. Burton boots tend to fit normal feet ( not extra-wide ). I bought them brand new in fall 2003, they are probably model '99 or so. Since then I grew up, I'm 15 and I had to change for larger one.

I also have Rossignol Race Carbon Bindings. I bought them in 2003 as brand new.I rode them half time ( I had 2 board ) over 2 seasons.

I'm from Quebec, so no problem with custom. If you want, I can take pictures

I'm asking for $200 cdn, normal shipping included

Keep me posted


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Hi there and welcome on BOL!

I have 2 boards I could part with:

- a hardly used Nidecker Extreme 156, 9m scr. Can send pictures.

- Cocoon Lotus 158, 11.5m scr, probably never used. Pictures are here (shorter one):


- Older bindings, Crazy Creek (not the ones in the link above).

I'm in Vancouver, so shipping will be easy. If interested, please send an e-mail for more pics and prices...



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Welcome to the game!

I have 2 brand new Killer Loop 158cm slalom boards that have never been used. I also have one set up for myself. The price tag was $499 new but will sell for $150. This is the smallest board in my quiver which allows for unlimited mobility... I'm 6' 195 lbs and this board is stable at speed and lays down deep arcs when tilted on edge...

Let me know if your interested.


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Hello, I have just purschased a board for my self. I will be meeting my Friend this weekend and may try to convince him into trying carving. Would any of these boards be suited to a person converting from soft boots to hard? He is about 6' 220lbs, and an advanced intermideatte snow boarder. Let me know.

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