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Exciting ride into Old Faithful Lodge (see pics)


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The child bride and I are spending four days at the Old Faithful Lodge for some uphill skiing. The only way in is from Jackson, WY via "Snow Coaches" designed in 1939. It's a four hour trek on a vehicle with skis and treads. It's rare that one strays off the road but it happened twice today - the second time to us. We really thought we were going over but it held up. Another Snow Coach was able to drag us out and we made it here. Kinda had our undivided attention for a few minutes.

What a great place! Old Faithul is just outside the lodge.



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Being a Powerlineman, we have some cool equipment that gets you in and out of the powerlines in the bush. We had a few Nodwells and man, when they are stuck, you need some big Iron to get them out. The ones we used had tracks simmilar to That snowbus you have pics of but no skis. They sucked in the deep snow, they didnt have much for grousers. But once the trail was frozen you can drive a truck on it. I really enjoyed driving them in swamps. You pick a faster gear and just floor it untill you get to the other side. The machine floats on the surface tension of all the roots of moss and other plants. It sinks down into a trough and you ride it like a wave. I have been on some scary inclines with it sliding downwards and sideways etc. Never flipped it but my work partner did :biggthump



Oh Did I mention you can drive over trees with it too :D

Pat; were you staying in The national park at a lodge? I love backcountry lodges. My wife and I try to go to a backcountry area or lodge each year for our anniversary. Definitely a cool experience.

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