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SOS the bad news


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The Southern Ontario Session, while a great success, with its great organisation, sunny weather, nice snow and great camaraderie, has also suffered a tragedy of far reaching consequences.

This man, Mr "Coiler" himself, was testing his new creations during the SOS. However bad luck struck when the brand new AllMountain he was testing found an unexpected deep soft shoulder. He went spectacularly over the handle bar, badly injuring his ankle (final diagnosis still pending).

The Canadian carving community is now mourning the temporary loss of its greatest shaper.

So if you are waiting for your new Coiler, stop whinning!! Jasey Jay excepted of course.

Bruce putting on a brave face


Sir, could you stop riding please...


Aren't you Bruce Varsava?


Ooh yeah nice and snug


Now THIS is carving


So why is this man with a smashed ankle smiling?


because he works so hard, even a forced vacation is welcome.

Wishing you a fast and good recovery.

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Get well quickly Bruce!

For the most part the snow was fantastic in the morning, but as the day went on the wind piled up some soft spots and the skiiers skidded up some more. After lunch you really had to pick your spot to lay it over, or you could be surprised by a sheet of ice or a big soft hole.

Thanks again to Chris for the arrangments, and to all the club members for putting up with us. All in all a great day.

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Maybe the carving gods didn't like the get up you were wearing. Definitely didn't look as colour coordinated as the rest of the crew. If only you could put together an outfit like you do a board! :)

Just kiddin' though ... wishing you a speedy recovery!


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Dang, sorry to hear about your bad luck that day. I bet even in your current form you could still kick some arse at the local race :biggthump

I know there is know a secret group of riders all hoping you'll ride less and make boards more. Dream on, eh.

Hope to still see you at the ECES.

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Self Diagnosis is a tendon torn off the bone on the outside of the ankle. Peroneal tendon subluxation is what my Dr will call it later today when I see him. Good news is I can weight bear in an aircast and have done a board a day since the injury. Pretty draining on the energy though. Finishing the last 3 Olympic boards today and then that is finally off my agenda. Learned tons and it will filter in slowly but mostly to do with the Titanal constructions. All I can say is most people would not enjoy the wide turning of the boards we developed but they accelerate extremely well and you can really keep the weight on the edge over any type of ice! Head to head testing showed that my best fiberglass carbon boards ( superboards) would flutter a bit over certain real hard patches where the Titanal boards would just hold. The metal construction works well in freecarve boards but I have not done a ton in that direction due to the goals of making them fast. The ones Jasey will be using in PGS have 14mm taper!! I have tested enough to know the limits in either direction and now will concentrate on making them more user friendly for the different levels of riders. The construction is fine and I just need to put it into a more friendly shape.

I was testing a 169 AM that was built for a person about 40 lbs lighter and it was a bunch of little things that added up to the crash.

1-board too soft

2 - not waxed and sticky

3- unfamiliar hill

4- soft heavy snow in unexpected ditch area near side of trail

Eliminate any one of these and the survival rate would surely go up.

I came over a small rise on the hill where a traverse goes across and just popped about 2' of air and was to land on what looked like solid ground. My weight was a little forward due to the sticky board on takeoff. The snow gave away, the board stopped dead and I was upside down after hearing the snap in my ankle.

Could slide down a bit on heelside but toeside was out of the question as the tendon would pop whenever pressured.

So it will slow me down but not stop things unless the Dr tells me differently.

So back at it and sorry to all the guys I screwed this season with bad delvery promises as I really ended up doing a lot more towards the development than expected.

I'm almost filled with orders for 07 as I had a large order for high end racebaords and I'm trying to not end up in the way behind position again as that is the part about the business that really takes the fun away and its simply my own lack of planning for all the little gremlins that seem to sneak up.

Probably will not do ECES as my cast will just be off by then but will send off a one of a kind 180 Racecarve II Titanal construction for the draw. That ought to break a few hearts!!

Cheers, Bruce

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Wow, worse than I thought but good to see that joint damage is little to none. I'd better do more midweek carving to limit the exposure level of my 170 EX. I've had 3 offers to buy it even after it was accidentally run over this season.

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Sorry to hear of your injury. Close to my heart - Please do yourself a favor - read the thread (if you haven't already!):


(especially entries 15, 23, 28, &48) and also take the time to read this article:


Hopefully some useful info.

I injured my ankle exactly a year ago yesterday. I had surgery in late Sept., just came back to work 2 wks ago. Still have pain in certain positions. Had the correct diagnosis been made initially, I would have been in a non-weight bearing cast for 6 wks., and might not be wondering "when I can finally ride next year - will it still hurt?"

Hope all heals well.

And by the way, have 2 friends here in Superior California w/ several of your boards - man are they beautiful!! Great stuff.


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