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"Cant" figure it out!


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Well, cant is cant and lift is lift. I have not dun the possible combinations yet but. dis is what it means to me!

lift is just dat, LIFT! you either have a flat foot or a foot with lift. so rear lift is the heel is raised with your foot remaining even keal! den you have flat front foot or front foot with toe Lift and the toe is the only thing that is moving up. Now Vlad may ride with heel lift in both the front and the back foot, would not recomend this, you see how he rides!

Canting is the angulation of either the outside of the boot tilting inward or the inside of the boot tilting outward.

lets use a goofy stance for an example just reverse it if you are regular, since most here are in there right mind and are goofy. (see thread).

easy way to do dis is stand up on the floor with your RIGHT foot forward, (thats why they call it right!) now with your back foot lift your heel off the ground staying on the balls of you foot. Thats heel lift. Put foot back down, now push your back knee to your inside of the body lift your entire sole of your outer foot to come off while maintaining contact with the ground with your entire inner sole of your foot. Thats canting.

Now the front is the same except you keep your heel on the ground while lift the ball of your foot off.

OK,,,great ok!


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