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Birthday Present


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Paul: At our local hill that run called 'The Ridge' and it is the most sought after goods in the morning. The sun always hits it early and remains on it until early afternoon. It has a constant pitch and feeds underneath two lifts so there is ample opportunity to 'showboat'.

Here's another shot of the birthday boy:


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Bill would probably say the same thing! I promised myself to "up" my attendance this season, but so far it hasn't worked out. Hopefully I can take a week off in February and get 3-4 days in. Mark that sounds like a great run, Rob and I can swap stories about our antics under the lift at our local mountain... :o Sends some pic's of your boy on the Madd if you get some,

Have fun,


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He's rippin it up! :biggthump @ Beaver Mtn?

We're coming out in the Spring to play @ Snowbasin/Powder Mtn.

I was checking out the smaller local places too. Look interesting!

Any thoughts on Beaver vs Wolf? :o Tics are VERY cheap @ Wolf, any good?

Can't wait til our daughter's tearing it up like that, she's linking turns this year @ 4 1/2 :1luvu: . Her 3rd season playing on a board, 4th on skis. She trenches on 2 planks, very shallow ones! :D

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Marz: If you are riding at Snowbasin and Powder Mountain those two areas should sate you appetite for any groomed and ungroomed that you could ever imagine. Beaver Mtn. is 3 hours from SLC (in good weather) so I wouldn't recommend riding there. I don't know enough about Wolf Mountain to recommend it or not.

Paul: I'd really like to get a pic of the kid on his Madd but, we keep having soft pow days and he keeps riding the Levitation. I'll show you what packed powder looks like, though. That's me on a Tanker 200 on a heelside, and yes, I made compeleted the turn to a toeside (I'm going away from the camera). Buy a Tanker 200 today!



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