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Heading for Mt. Bachelor - Who's there?


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I'm heading out West :biggthump - my in-laws reitred to a town outside of Bend and I'm heading out with the family the week of 2/26-3/4. I'll be at Bachelor Monday - Friday (with the family, probably have to spend one or two days on snowblades with my son...) but I wanted to see who's around for a few turns and maybe a beer after?

I haven't ridden there in a few years so if you have suggestions of good carving runs let me know.

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I will be able to ride with you at least one day, possibly two. You're almost guranteed to bump into a carver or two during the week.


Warm-up and easy carving: Roostertail, Carnival, Chipper

Steep groomer: Thunderbird, Ed's Garden, Beverly Hills if it's sunny and calm winds

Rollers: Flying Dutchman

If you like freeriding, go to Northwest. Open bowls at the top and then old-school narrow runs and trees at the bottom.

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Cool - I need to figure out what to do about a powder board in case it dumps - I blew my budget on the Rossi 184 and some new OS2s. - Is there a decent shop that will demo some longer freeride boards?

Unless they've sold it in the past month, Powder House on Century & Simpson has a Rossi Undertaker 185 for demo.

I have a Donek Incline 168 you could borrow as well. No camber left - but it's great in pow with plates.

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