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Bummed, really bummed

Guest NLM

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Some SOB kicked in the door to my house at Sunday River last night and put a big hole in my quiver. They lifted my beloved Ultra Prime 169 and my old Alp 69 (with the wild cat). The only bright spot is they left my brand new Stratus Pros right there next to the boards. I gotta think when they figure out they can't clip their mukluks into the race plates, they'll try to unload them someplace. I'd appreciate the carving community in this area keeping an eye out for these boards. Then again, if the insurance company comes through, I may finally get that Donek.

Many Thanks,

Nat Maness

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if you have one of the condos that are right at sunday river I can give you a little info on who does allot of the jackin' in the area

I used to live up there so I have a good idea of who the perps usually are and where to look for stolen gear

send me a email

ohh BTW are you the dude that bought my Alp from a skier named Bob?

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