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race video: Lotus Elise vs Corvette


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that race track seems really familiar. i know i have probably seen it in a video game back a few years ago. I do love the lotus but it really can't hold a candle to the corvette. Well i guess steering capabilities could set it further for running a circuit.

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911 turbo vs viper

That's easy...give them very long and straight road and viper will lead.

put them on curvy roads and viper will be behind big time. The chasis of viper is from the stone ages...it's all in the engine.

Now, put a 911 GT3 instead of the 911 turbo...and it will eat both vette and viper on both curvy and straight lines...

then again,...I maybe wrong as I usually am according to someone else :D

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must admit I am looking into the Lotus too. Though I am not sure how radical the changes are between the Elise and Exige? I heard it's just cosmetic....if so...an Elise will do just fine for me.

I haven't really looked into the exige, but according to my co-worker who is awaiting delivery, it hase some engine ans suspension upgrades that would cost about $15k to do to an elise, and it sells for $12-15k more than the elise, so if you don't mind the hard top and want the added performance, the exige is the way to go...

Personally, I've always had a convertible, so I'd stick with the elise - plus I have no desire to get into racing - street or track - so I don't think the upgrades make sense for me. the elise out of the box is a great car.

and you're right - Lotus is the carver of the 4 wheel world.

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i'm pretty interested in the article, RDY_2_Carve. my friend's dad owns a lotus esprite (along with a ferarri 360 modena). The esprite is nice but personally, i wouldn't get it if i could. I wouldnt get a ferari either. I used to be obsessed with cars (webshots) but now i rather spend money on sports where i can have fun and get a great work out.

btw, only car i would actually want to spend alot of $ on is the midnight blue porsche i'm standing next to:biggthump I can dream, can't I?

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