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WTB: 13-15m SCR board


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Folks I'm looking for a 13-15 SCR board. Longest SCR I've ridden is a RT173GS and I'm dying to try something with a little longer SCR.

I don't plan on buying anything until after SES unless it's one of those unpassable deals. If your coming to SES and can bring that spare board you want to get rid of that would be perfect for me so I can check it out in person and I'd save on shipping (and possibly get a test ride if your nice). :)

Outside of the SES option you can email me via the email function here or reply to this thread.

Ideally I'd like to get a Proton GS 164-172ish preferrably with the newer model graphics (like the one shown here) , but I'm easy.

Let me know what you have, and thanks!

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Would help if you'd tell us what you weigh and what you've ridden and liked, what you don't like? There are quite a few custom boards floating around, but if you're 140 pounds it's senseless to even tell you about them. But if you're 180, then you're right in the market. 200, well you'd better look for a custom board, 'cause those you mentioned will not work. Help us out.

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Ok here's comes my bio and carving life history :p

5'6" 165lbs with 26.0-27.0 foot size

2nd season hardbooter, 3rd season on snow

I'd like to think I'm an Intermidiate snowboarder. I ride pretty hard in softies. On plates I'm maybe Intermidiate but technique wise I'm definately a begginer as I've taught myself on my own (with the help of BOL articles of course) w/o much feedback at all.

Board history:

Last season (again it was my first on plates) I rode a Burton Speed 158 Wide model fairly well throughout the season. I still have this board and rip it pretty well, but I always feel like it makes too tight of turns for my riding style.

Early in the same season I bought a Burton FP173 180s and it totally kicked my a$$ and I sold it to another BOL'er and it's up in Big Sky right now as far as I know.

Bought an RT173GS late the same season and I ripped on it and loved everything about it. Keep in mind I bought/sold the FP173 early in my first season on plates and then I bought the RT late in the same season and my skills had improved drastically over that time-Specifically my ability to handle steeper binding angles.

Sold (regretfully) the RT earlier this season to fund an Axis 167 which I ride decently but am still getting used to. I had visions of quiver killer for the Axis and it just hasn't developed yet. I can ride the board fine but I can't rail it like I want to or like I railed on the RT. Perhaps I'm asking too much of the board or perhaps I'm just not advanced enough for it? Hard to tell...I've been having boot fitting problems which has limited my time on my alpine boards this season so I'm going back to last seasons boots which are too big BUT they don't kill my wide feet like the 26.0's do. I plan on getting the 26.0's fitted properly in the near future so I can finally get into the right size shell. Main problem is lack of good bootfitters here in NM that are willing to work on Hard Snowboard boot shells. Most of the shops I've been too are completely clueless and are not willing to help.

I've only ridden with one other hardbooter since I started so it's hard to critique myself. The guy is a BOL'er and is a Level 2 Instructor and he didn't seem to think anything was out of the ordinary as far as my learning progression and riding level. Actually if anything he thought I was progressing faster than most normal people with my experience. I was able to follow his trenches and keep up with him if that means anything-he's been boarding 18 years to my 2 (at that point last season). Haven't had the chance to ride with him more this season (yet) but every time I do my technique improves drastically...

Anyways-If your still reading this at this point I hope you enjoyed my life story! :) Hope this info helps

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Forgot to mention my boot and binding models:

For Burtons I use older race plates and I also use TD1 Intecs

For 4-Holes all I have is my TD1 intecs (I have two sets of 0 and 3 deg discs)

Boots I used last season are SB224's with stock liners (27.0's, too big-three+ fingers on shell test).

This season I started with some 26.5 Burton Ice's which worked pretty good with the stock liners but hurt my feet more than the SB224's. Shell size was two finger fit on these. Width is my main problem and that damn boney part on the outside edge of my foot below my pinky toe. FYI that part hurts me even in my soft boots...

Just bought some SB325 26.0's from Bryan and molded the liners. Shell size is perfect-two finger fit-three ain't happening. I lasted 1/2 a day on these from pain of pressure on the width of my foot towards my toes in both feet. The boney part did not hurt as bad but that pain might have been overshadowed by the width pressure pain...

Ok that's enough information for you to chew on for now :p

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If you got the room by all means bring it. I just can't promise you anything as I've recently aquired the Madd itch and I'm re-thinking my needs. All I can say is I really want to demo a bunch of stuff at SES before I commit to anything. If you decide to bring it we can swap contact information and meet up at the demo tent. Thanks for the offer!


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