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So, who's it going to be? PNW or Ice-coast?

Jeffrey Day

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I could give a rat's posterior about football, but I always cheer for the "local" team (Seahawks = local to Bend?!?!) to get to the Superbowl for Sinecure's reasons... a nice empty day on the slopes.

I will be on vacation the two weeks after the Superbowl with nothing to do but ride... so I wouldn't mind if everyone else around here is too hung over ride the next day too ;)

When I livced in the Bay Area I never missed going to Tahoe for Superbowl weekend. Less traffic back to the Bay after riding, too.

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You mean there's a football game on Feb. 5? I, for one, will be snowboarding that day. You all should be too. Maybe I'll run the Tivo. Superbowl Sunday ranks right up there with Xmas day and New Years Day for great riding days.

Don't forget Easter Sunday!

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Nothing against the Hawks, but I'm still pissed at Paul Allen for bending over the entire state to build him a stadium :mad: . Besides, I would really like to see The Bus end his career with a SB ring, he deserves it...and I dont even like the Steelers. Should be a great game either way. :lurk:

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